Sustainability in Action

The word ‘sustainability’ carries different meanings for different people. A common understanding is that while we must meet the needs of today, we cannot pursue those needs at the expense of future generations. In other words, without sustainable thinking and practices, we may survive the short term but the long term becomes increasingly uncertain.


Earth Sanctuary has a bold agenda. We want to see the subject of sustainability play a central role in education and tourism for all ages. If society as a whole now considers sustainability to be an integral subject for the future, then this must be proportionately reflected in education and tourism in the present.

Who are we?

Earth Sanctuary is a sustainable, ecotourism and education venture.

What do we do?

We provide quality tours, programs and events to the ecotourism, education and events market.

Why does it matter?

Because ecotourism and sustainable education and events drive social, environmental and economic advancement, enhancing quality of life.


To be a leader and benchmark in quality ecotourism, education and events programs.

Company Philosophy

To engage, motivate and inspire social change for a sustainable planet.


Measure the Company Aim through the specific goals of environmental accountability, social
development and economic stability.

Earth Sanctuary’s framework for a sustainable future:

To advance sustainability through education, eco tourism and special events.

To continually develop Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre as a fully functioning sustainable living environment.

To improve community access to positive global solutions in products information and services.

To provide life skills that will allow people to become self sufficient and knowledgeable in the essential areas of energy, water, shelter, food, utilities and wellbeing.

To create a centre of excellence emphasising sustainability in action.

To greatly improve on the educational and eco-tourism experience so that it may better equip and empower people of all ages to reduce their personal and collective impact on the living Earth.

To promote the values and customs of world indigenous cultures who work in balance to protect, conserve and celebrate the natural world.

To improve network collaboration between organisations who strive to raise the quality of life for all.

To maintain Earth Sanctuary’s triple bottom line status supporting environmental, social and economic growth.

To have fun, learn and build strong and meaningful relationships for the future.