Sustainability in Action

The word ‘sustainability’ carries different meanings for different people. A common understanding is that while we must meet the needs of today, we cannot pursue those needs at the expense of future generations. In other words, without sustainable thinking and practices, we may survive the short term but the long term becomes increasingly uncertain.


According to Ecotourism Australia:

Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

Earth Sanctuary’s philosophy encompasses the understanding that human health and prosperity is inextricably connected to and dependent on environmental health. Earth Sanctuary’s brand is built on accountability and trust where the act of caring for, protecting and promoting the environment including that of cultural perspectives is central to its philosophy and business plan.


To engage, motivate and inspire social change for a sustainable planet through ecotourism, education and special events.


Earth Sanctuary measures its success through a triple bottom line metric ensuring social, environmental and economic benefits. This methodology is delivered through key procedural goals:

  • Share and maintain the company vision.

  • Collaborate regularly.

  • Make and test great ecotourism products.

  • Invite industry participation, feedback and form partnerships.

  • Exceed customer expectations and invite feedback.

  • Ensure continuous product review, improvements and strategic planning.

  • Celebrate outcomes and reward the team.

    Outcomes - Key milestones indicate Earth Sanctuary’s success to date: 

  • Environmental: 100% carbon neutral. Advanced Ecotourism & Land for Wildlife Accredited
  • Social: Earth Sanctuary tours promote ecology, culture and astronomy to 17,000 visitors p.y
  • Financial: Sustainable financial growth and capital reinvestment