Television media plays an integral role in the communications of promoting the “sustainable living” message.  After many years of producing our own social media content, television commercials and music recordings we created a designated production wing of Earth Sanctuary to engage in the commercial television and media market. SFYC was born. 

Established in 2006, our Production team are based at the beautiful Quandong Homestead at the Earth Sanctuary and we have a number of exciting and unique projects on the move.  Our work includes documentaries, animation and are currently completing a fully funded mini series due to be released in 2017. 

In our first commercial success, We Produced ‘Outback Paramedic’ a documentary acquired by Channel 9 and screened across Australia in 2016. With the assistance of Screen Territory, this storey has now seeded a Screen Territory funded mini series called ‘Outback Brothers’ (see below for details and links).

In the Children’s department, our team along with the support of Screen Territory has also financed an animation pilot called Earth’s Cool featuring an animated character called Earnie Cool. Earth’s Cool is a fun animated musical program set in the Australian Outback. Earth’s Cool follows Earnie and his galactic friends who are on a mission to help save the world ( see below for details).

For further information please contact Dan Falzon (08) 89536161

Links to Current and completed SFYC projects



Outback Paramedic Broadcast on Channel 9 and Imparja Network 2016

Outback Paramedic - Introduction Brief

Outback Paramedic - documentary ( download full file before watching )

Outback Paramedic - documentary Sizzle Promo (download file before viewing)

Children’s Animation

Earth’s Cool -  2016/17

Earth’s Cool - Introduction Brief

Earth’s Cool - Sizzle Promo (download full file for best viewing)

Mini Series - Reality TV

Outback Brothers - 8 part mini series -  Coming Soon. Fully funded, Screen Territory 2017

Outback Brothers - Series 1- introduction Brief

Outback Brothers - Planet Medics: Sizzle Promo (download full file for best viewing)