Red Centre Devil is a tasty and refreshing lager with 4.3 % alc/vol, equivalent to 1.2 standard drinks. As your only human and would like to the get your hands on a carton (24 pack) or 6 pack of our little devils please contact our team via email or call (08) 89 53 6161 . Alternatively, this product is distributed via Australian Liquor Marketers throughout the Territory and Australia.

Red Centre Devil is also available at Earth Sanctaury for all guests

Our bush tucker brew is a first for Central Australia and we invite you to try our smooth and refreshing lager infused with our native peach (Quondong) that is sourced from the Earth Sanctuary and surrounding desert regions of the Australian Outback. 

This beer is a tribute to the Thorny Devil, one of Central Australia’s great iconic characters. These small thorny reptiles can amazingly convey fluids to their mouths just by touching it with any part of their limbs. 

We think this is the best pub trick ever!

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