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Welcome to our Campaign to Inspire Change!

We believe that every child in Australia should have access to Sustainable Living Education and with further funding we can continue to assist more schools with sponsorship and financial assistance and place much needed energy into Sustainable Living curriculum for all ages.

Teaching the fundementals of Sustainable Living is critical to the success of securing a Sustainable Planet for future generations.

Your donation is a valuable investment into our Inspire ChangeCampaign in which funds go directly to our Earth’s Cool program which enables schools around Australia access to Sustainable Living Eduaction. 

Earth’s Cooland its’ ‘Outback to the Future’ tours are a unique educational program that has informed and entertained thousands of students in both primary and secondary schools across Australia and overseas for more than 15 years. The core focus of Earth’s Cool is to broaden awareness on sustainability and to deliver outcomes that result in students taking meaningful action in their own lives, be it at home, school and as a metaphor for life. The Earth’s Cool education program comprises six simple and easy to follow categories that each cover the broad spectrum of subjects that relate to sustainability.

Earth’s Coolonline or ‘E-COOL’ is our fastest growing program which allows schools all over Australia to connect with our Sustainable Living Centre called Earth Sanctuary based in Alice Springs, Central Australia, NT.  

Investment Period : 5 years.  Where will your investment go? 

2020 - 2025

Below is a financial break up of the required investment we have set out to achieve over the next 5 years. Every year is an achievement and we aim for milestones as we build connections with schools and students across the country. 

Earth’s Cool sustainable education ensures kids across Australia have meaningful access to excellent curriculum programs that will insure they are ready to combat the challenges inherent to climate change.


6 month Milestone
Web developer / engineers  $23, 311
Education Officer $33, 400
IT Broad Band and Satellite Technologies and platform development $9,600
$ 66, 311

2021 - 2025

Education Officer
$76,300 p/a 
$305,200 ( over 4 years ) 
Human resources: Guides  to conduct programs on site and online. This includes an Earth’s Cool Reach Out Program to connect with Australian Schools.

Education Research Officer
$76,300 p/a 
$305,200 ( over 4 years )
Human resources to implement appropriate research initiatives to develop the sustainable curriculum content for both primary and secondary school education 

Earth’s COOL online content delivery.
Production Manager, Story Developers, Animators and Post Production. Energy, Water, Shelter, Wellbeing, Food Utilities.

Working Displays at Earth Sanctuary
$42,500 p/a 
$170,000 over the next 4 years
The latest in energy, water, shelter, food and utility solutions. The ongoing development for positive global solutions for students to engage in and learn from. This includes in kind contributions from renewable companies and solutions providers to maximise this offering. 

IT Broad Band and Satellite Technologies and platform development -

$19,200 p/a 

$76,800 over the next 4 years

Upgrade exisiting systems to enable seamless connectivity to schools and students. Online developers to refine and develop the Earth’s Cool website platform to improve student learning outcomes and incorporate real time calculations on carbon reduction initiatives.

Sponsorship & Subsidisation Initiatives Fund

This fund will help enable students and schools with less resources access Earth’s Cool online and onsite services.

We thank you for your time and we look forward to sharing  the fruits from the trees in which you helped to seed.

Inspire Change Team
Earths Cool

Check out our 100 Page Manual for more details on what’s to see at Earth’s Cool!