Why should I choose Earth Sanctuary for my big day?

The Earth Sanctuary is a unique venue that provides guests with lasting memories of the outback. Here at the Sanctuary we can host your ceremony and reception taking out the transport costs and time.

What is your alcohol policy?

The Earth Sanctuary is a fully licenced venue with drink packages, cash bar and bar tab options available.  No external alcohol is to be brought in.

Are other events scheduled on the same day?

No, if you choose the Earth Sanctuary for your special day we book the entire venue out for you and your guests from 12pm to 11.30pm

What services does the rental fee include?

Exclusive use of the The Barn and facilities, the ceremonial site,  tables and chairs, gala table settings,  centre pieces if needed, courtesy bus for 24 guests, dance floor and AV equipment. ($100 deposit for security)

Are there adequate restroom facilities?

Of course. There are adequate mens and ladies facilities for 250 people.

Are there any restrictions we need to know about?

Noise levels need to drop after 11pm, other than that its all ok.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

A deposit is required a week in advance along with final numbers, if you cancel after this  20%.

How many hours are included in the rental of the space? How early can we arrive, and how late can we stay?

The venue hire is from 12pm to 11.30pm.  You are more than welcome to do table dressings if you have something special in mind.  Remembering we are an outdoor venue so we recommend guest arrive late afternoon for a 4.30 / 5pm ceremony and can continue until 11.30pm

How much is the deposit?

A 10 % deposit is requested to hold the date with full payment requested one week prior with confirmed numbers.

Is the site handicap accessible?

It is.  The floor is sand but is completely negotiable.  We have a ramp for access to the ladies toilets.

Are there noise restrictions?

After 11pm noise restrictions do apply

Is parking available on-site? How much space is there? Will guests be charged for parking?

There is plenty of parking available and this is free to all guests

What is the venue’s capacity?

Our Barn area is limited to approximately 150 people, however our outdoor space can accommodate up to 300 guests.

The Quandong homestead seats approximately 100 guests

Do you have your own sound equipment and speakers, or will those need to be rented or

provided by the entertainment?

We do have AV equipment available for hire PA hire is $100  for the evening.  Most entertainers do come with their own complete set ups.

What is the backup plan for rain or inclement weather?

The Barn is our wet weather contingence plan or the Quandong homestead if needed

Are there any décor restrictions?

No confetti please, other than that we are open to all requests. As we are a nature reserve we would prefer no pets.

Will your staff be involved in setting up and breaking down the décor? In what capacity?

If we cater for the even our staff will do all set up and breaking down.  If you’d like to use outside catering you need to check the capacity of their staff and what they will include.  Our staff will operate the bar.

Do you have an in-house caterer? If so, are food and beverages included in the venue rental fee?

We do have in house catering, please refer to our menu page for details. This is included in the hire of the venue.  If however you’d like to source our of house catering our rental fee is different. Please refer to our rates sheet for these details.

If there is not an in-house caterer, do we have to choose from a list of approved options, or can we hire our own caterer?

For out of house catering there are a variety of options including Star of Alice, Mark Bizely catering, Convention Center, Kungas Can Cook catering.  Please contact the venue directly for information.

Do we have to purchase liquor through you, or can we source liquor elsewhere?

We are a fully licenced venue therefore all alcohol needs to be purchased from the bar provided.  We can order specific beer or wine if needed for your event, however please refer to our beverage packages page for the variety available.

How do I get to the venue(s)?

The Earth Sanctuary is located at Lot  4005  Colonel Rose Drive approximately 15 minutes south of the town centre.

Are kids welcome?

The Earth Sanctuary is a kid friendly venue with plenty of space to run and explore. 

Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible?

Yes they are, we also have access to a unisex bathroom within the homestead.

What should/could I do between the ceremony and the reception?

Depending on the time of the ceremony and when the ceremony is held your guests will either be in transit from your ceremony location and the bar will be open upon arrival.  If you choose to have your ceremony at the Earth Sanctuary we recommend a 4/30 to 5 pm ceremony so as it isn’t to hot .  Once the ceremony is complete guests can enjoy the company and a cold drink whilst you have photos taken  with reception starting at approximately 7 pm.

Will food be served?

Appetiser platters are placed around the bar area and walked around by staff, our gourmet BBQ is served buffet style, whilst our desserts are served at the table.

If you have hired out of house caterers please refer to their serving styles.

What kind of food will be served?

We have buffet style bush BBQ, please refer to our menu page for more details.

What if I have a dietary restriction?

We do our utmost to cater for all dietary requirements.  Final numbers need to be confirmed a week out and all dietary requests will need to be listed in order for our catering team to prepare that special something for them.

Will there be dancing?

There is always dancing! We have a dance floor available for those who wish to use it and we can source a variety of entertainment options ie; bands, solo artists or DJ.

What time will the reception end?

We recommend winding things up around 11pm. Our bar closes at 11.15pm with last bus leaving by 11.30pm as noise restriction set in by then.

Can I take pictures?

Most definitely, if you need help in choosing a photographer for the evening we recommend Lisa Hatzmihal from Lisa Hatz Photography. We have worked with her many times and she knows the Sanctuary well.  You can also take as many personal photos as you like.

Is there transportation being provided between reception and hotels?

There is a courtesy bus available for 24 guests for a return transfer, however if you need coach transport we can arrange this for you upon request at a fee of approximately  $15 per person return.

Can we bring confetti? 

We would strongly prefer you didn’t, as we are a nature centre we prefer that you use flower petals, rice, bubbles and anything else organic.

When can we decorate?

Time is allowed for wedding preparations the evening before when convenient, however if unavailable time can be made the morning of the wedding.