Outback to the Future - 7 Day Tour - Alice Springs, Mac Ranges, Kings Canyon, Uluru & Kata Tjuta:

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The Earth Sanctuary ‘Outback to the Future’ tour is one of the most exciting and comprehensive tours/programs we run. Full of exciting adventure, this tour celebrates the best of Central Australia’s iconic land marks with organisations championing sustainable practices. 

We encourage all schools travelling to Central Australia to get in touch with our dedicated team and arrange for a briefing on this comprehensive tour. 

Contact our Education Team on (08) 89 53 6161 or email education@earth-sanctuary.com.au

Outback to the Future (OBTF) Learning Adventure covers 7 Days in Central Australia.

 The key locations include:

• Earth Sanctuary Alice Springs – 3 Days/ 3nights
• Western MacDonnell Ranges – 1 Day
• Kings Canyon / Watarrka – 1 Day/ 1 night
• Ayres Rock / Uluru – 2 Days / 2 nights

The OBTF program is Earth Sanctuary’s most comprehensive and synergistic learning
adventure, developed to provide students a broad cross section of both Earth
Sanctuary signature programs, remarkable Alice Springs organisations and attractions
as well as iconic and spectacular land marks which characterise Central Australia.

Whilst the first 3 days and nights are based at Earth Sanctuary and include half day
and full day travel trips around Alice Springs, Earth Sanctuary has formed a long-term
partnership with Outback Tour Services (OTS) who provide key services for the
extended leg to Watarka (Kings Canyon), Uluru (Ayres Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The
Olgas) before students fly out from Yulara on day 7. OTS’s component includes coach
transfers, permanent camp sites, all food and meals and guides joined by Earth
Sanctuary specialist guides who share 20 years guiding experience and extensive
paramedical training in the region.

Hazards & Risks

Earth Sanctuary is committed to the health and safety of students and teachers and
continually reviews its Visitor Guide and Crisis Emergency Plan in appreciation that
risk is a changing process. Earth Sanctuary and OTS guides will work closely with
students and teachers throughout the program so that the known risks are clearly
communicated and understood. Satellite phones and first aid kits are carried at all
times along with key contact information for any potential hazard. It must be
understood from the onset that some locations visited are both remote and may be
difficult to access which can cause significant delays by emergency care and services
providers should a medical emergency occur. For this reason, it is absolutely
imperative that safety and orientation talks and feedback are central to all activities
including camp site, walks, cooking and general rest and play periods.


Teachers are fundamentally responsible for the health and wellbeing of their students
and are expected to work closely with Earth Sanctuary crew and guides to ensure
activities and procedures are affectively communicated and any issues relating to
student’s welfare are expressed. Earth Sanctuary guides and teachers will conduct
regular discussions on at frequent stages of the tour program to ensure all relevant
information and risks are communicated and any necessary actions put in place.
Key Learning Outcomes

• Practical – Developing independent exploration skills
E.g. Adventure activities/journeys — rock-climb, kayak, ski, snorkel, surf.
Conservation activities such as habitat reconstruction

• Outdoor living knowledge and skills – Development of independent living
skills and knowledge
E.g. Increasing skills, knowledge and responsibilities for independent journeys
• Group Dynamics Skills and Leadership – Analysis of group dynamics on
an outdoor expedition
E.g. Role and methods of reviewing dynamics on a lightweight field trip, giving
and receiving feedback, and tools to facilitate discussion
• Outdoor activity knowledge and skills – Conducting independent journeys
with support and high-level supervision
• Safety and well-being outdoors – Developing decision making for safe
outdoor journeys
E.g. Planning an outdoor journey. Emergency procedures Fitness preparation.
Real and perceived risk. Safety management
• Environmental awareness – Identifying and developing knowledge of the
environment required for safe and effective outdoor activity involvement
E.g. Investigating and identifying the skills and knowledge required for a safe
journey in particular environments
• Environmental management, conservation and culture – Aboriginal ways
of conserving and caring for nature for long term survival
E.g. Investigating practices such as fire stick farming and guidelines to ensure
regeneration and minimum breeding numbers
• Ecological literacy key themes – Concepts of nature. Ways of knowing
nature, affordances
E.g. Exploring different cultural and religious approaches to nature and the
way this has impacted on wild spaces
• Health and the Outdoors – How to access clubs and resources. Differing
recreation options in parks and reserves
E.g. Participation in local community outdoor activity

Whether you want your students to learn more about the natural environment,
investigate Tasmania’s history, or improve communication skills and build self -
esteem, there are a range of activities sure to satisfy both the kids and the curriculum.

• Provide the opportunity to develop leadership, social and problem-solving skills
• Provide challenging situations for students to practise personal and group goal setting
• Enhance opportunities for students and teachers to work together in an outdoor
education environment
• Provide the opportunity for students to learn basic outdoor skills relevant to adventure
based activities in a safe environment
• Provide a setting to develop awareness of the natural environment and sustainable
camping skills.

Other Benefits
Earth Sanctuary’s Learning Adventures can have the following direct benefits which
will aid in counteracting these issues:
• fosters an interest in physical activity and recreational pursuits
• improves motor skills
• enhances self-esteem, self-worth and confidence
• provides the opportunity for personal challenge and achievement
• creates a sense of community and bonding with peers and teachers
• encourages teamwork and communication
• kindles an interest in the natural environment and Australian bush
• offers experiences not normally available to children growing up today in city and
suburban environments

A positive outdoor education experience will hopefully translate into lifelong
awareness of the benefits of physical exercise and a realisation that physical exertion
can be fun. Earth Sanctuary’s OBTF Learning Adventure comprises 20 years of
industry experience, our crew and guides are passionate, knowledgeable and trained
for the unique conditions of outback Australia. We look forward to sharing our
wonderful location with you and the many great learning experiences that come from
our time together.