Utilities include tools, appliances and specialised equipment designed to assist our every day needs. From batteries, composting toilets to trailors, Earth Sanctuary’s ‘Utilities’ category offers insights into the innovations which help people live sustainably.

  • Earth Sanctuary strives to use 5 star energy efficient utilities, maintained to achieve a minimum impact on the environment.
  • Use of a solar oven as a working demonstration of an efficient cooking method;
  • Use of bicycles as the primary mode of transport around the 100 acre property;
  • A back up 25 kilovolt-amperes diesel generator which can be operated on bio-fuel;
  • Use of biodegradable, phosphate free, non-toxic cleaning products in the operation of the business wherever possible;
  • Recycling glass and plastic containers used in the business; using energy efficient light bulbs;
  • Providing visitors with the choice between an eco-friendly waterless toilet and modified half flush toilets; utilising the internet as the primary source of marketing to reduce the need for paper based brochures and promotional materials; and minimising administrative use of paper by corresponding electronically wherever possible.