Earth Sanctuary has 2 self-contained geodesic domes on display showcasing some of the best solutions in sustainable living.

The Eco Hut

The Eco Hut is a positive global solution for strength, comfort and sustainability. Built to suit the tough desert conditions with upstairs bedroom / mezzanine, downstairs kitchen, living area and bathroom the Eco Hut has everything you need to be self sufficient and protected from the harsh elements. Here are just some of the unique attributes on display in the Eco Hut:

  • 9 meter wide / 5.5 meters tall geodesic dome
  • Douglas Fir timber struts & stell connectors
  • E-therm & Earth Wool Insullation
  • Strand- woven bamboo floor
  • Recycled plastic - Modwood decking
  • 17 double glazed windows
  • Solar Powered
  • 12 & 240 volt versatility
  • Stand-alone battery power
  • Evacuated-tube solar hot water
  • Eco flow water-less toilet
  • Solar extraction fan
  • Energy & water efficient appliances

The Phoenix

Earth Sanctuary’s Phoenix Dome project brings great strength and comfort to the extreme Australian outback. This all steel fabrication brings together solutions in energy, water, shelter, food, utilities and wellbeing.

  • 1 x 7 meter & 2 x 6 meter geodesic dome interconnected
  • All steel construction hubs, struts and panels
  • E-therm & Foam insullation
  • Solar powered
  • 12 volt Envirolet toilet (low water)
  • Wide-span sun shading
  • 64 shaded windows
  • Solar extraction fan
  • Stand-alone battery power
  • Strand- woven bamboo floor
  • Energy & water efficient appliances